Renaissance Charter School Inc.

Hello parents, students and community members,

My name is Kenneth Haiko and I have the pleasure of serving as the Board Chairman of the Renaissance Charter School, Inc. foundation. Thank you for visiting this page and taking the time to learn more about our great schools.

Our board is diversely comprised of some of the most passionate leaders in various industries from Education to Business. These community leaders graciously volunteer their time to ensure a brighter future for our children. I would like to personally thank each member for their continued dedication to our mission.

Through our relationship with Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) our schools implement the CSUSA Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum to enhance academic outcomes; while providing our students the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, special interest clubs and a variety of other organizations which provide holistic enrichment. Our staff continue to work hard every day to ensure that each student becomes the best and brightest and to provide parents and students in our schools with personalized state-of-the-art education options.

We encourage you to contact our schools to learn more about what is offered to your children or visit our school websites for more information.


Kenneth Haiko